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Pasta Ripiena is the sister restaurant to Bristol’s award-winning Pasta Loco. Like all siblings they share things in common; both cherish a warm welcome and food is served from the heart and the kitchen in equal measure.

Joe Harvey

Joe grew up with four siblings in a household where family, hospitality and home cooking were all celebrated. His approach to food can be mapped directly onto this heritage. Joe’s art is in serving unpretentious honest dishes, which are served in a comfortable, busy atmosphere. When he became Head Chef at Bellita, a focus on Italian food joined the table. From there the step across the street to Pasta Loco seemed inevitable.


Floss Rogers-Manager

History Born and bred in North London, food and wine has always been really important in my family. My mum was a home economics teacher and had fascinated by cooking as a really young kid, and my dad always gave me cheeky little tasters of his wine! I ended up studying French and Spanish at Bath University, and became obsessed with wine on my year abroad in Madrid and Paris. I love the Bristol restaurant scene and have had the best time working at some amazing venues with super talented chefs and managers. It's such a great community and never gets boring!

Favourite venue - Pasta Ripiena. I was over the moon when Dom & Magda asked me to come and manage Ripiena, one of my fave restaurants in the city. It's so cosy and relaxed

Favourite dish past/present - Olive oil and pistachio panna cotta - an oldie but a goodie

Shout outs - Seven Lucky Gods, The Ox, Bokman, Marmo, Gambas, Tare and so many more!

Brendan vaughan
head chef

History - As far back as I can recall I have been immersed in the depths of kitchens. My father being a single parent and an incredibly talented chef meant that my ambition from a very early age was to make people happy through food. At aged 10 I was helping out in the pot wash, peeling potatoes and dicing vegetables. By 14, after school I would be getting ready for the evenings service. Now 29 I have worked in kitchens around the world and learnt from some incredible chefs. However joining the Bianchi's crew felt slightly different. The family ethos, the time given to ensure each plate that goes out is faultless, the techniques, the ingredients. Pasta Ripiena was a place I wanted to stay, and here we are. 


Favourite venue - Pasta Ripiena - Living in Bristol can be daunting when it comes to eating out with so much going on, but eating at Ripiena for the first time felt exactly how I like it to be done. Intimate, relaxed, simple and friendly. Ideal. Cotto next door comes in close second. 


Favourite dish - Being raised in North Devon meant that I was lucky to be constantly surrounded by incredible seafood. Our mackerel tartar with horseradish and pickled cucumber paired with a glass of white wine in the sunshine brought back great times for me. 


Shout out - Bokman, Chido Wey, Tomo No Ramen, Bikkle Island

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